Robots application in Industry



Arc Welding 
Main benefits:
High quality welding
Repeatability of the quality
Optimal use of welding materials
Short pay back time

Metal Spot Welding 

Quality repeatability
Higher flexibility in production
High precision during operation
MIG Welding
Following of predefined weld quality
Operators don’t need to be high skilled
Possible correction of welding process online 
Easy to make offline programming
TIG Welding
Low material distortion
High quality welding
Spatters free process
Laser Welding
Possible to weld and cut with a same equipment
Deep weld penetration
Low heat input
High accurate process control
Narrow  space parts welding
Plasma Cutting
Ability to cut under different angles
Follow 3D designed paths
Tool high travel speed
Waterjet Cutting
Possible to cut difficult 3D shapes in metal plastic and wood
Robots can be programmed according 3D shape model or in free move saved points.
Robot can be hanged up to the sealing, what gives high flexibility and wide reach during operation.
High flexibility of the robot arm gives freedom in movements
High accuracy cutting
Surface planning software automatically generate tool path program
Robot can adjust it’s move speed according force applied to part surface
Robots mounted on tracks and columns capable to treat long, high and wide parts
Cutting with blades and ultrasound
High productivity (using ultrasound does not need to implement a power tool)
Used for cutting the following materials: leather, plastics and other materials
Laser cutting
Perfectly suite to cut such materials as wood, plastic, thin metal and textile parts.
No contact with surface and cutting line width 0,4 mm. Robots able to work on complicated 3D surfaces.
Sending and Polishing
Quality reputability. Due to online force monitoring, they able to achieve 100% equal result on each produced part. In such application robot use 10 time less working hours then a man operator on same part.
Drilling and deburring
Robots is irreplaceable in such dangerous and precise applications.
Main benefits: reputability, flexibility, precision and process speed.
Sealing and gluing
In combination with modern mixing and dosing tools robots provide quality which is totally unreachable by man operators. High quality sealant appliance due to continues monitoring by sensors and online process correction.

Industrial painting
Due to robot wide reach range and flexibility is possible to reach amazing paint process output. Robot can follow parts running on conveyor line or robot can be mounted on rails what brings process speed to high level. Same time robots use paint material more accurate instead of human operator.

Robots in clean room production
Most use in chemical, biological, medical and electronic parts producing factories.
Clean room robots design to meet following standards. They replace humans in live dangerous zones and same time provide high precision in operations. 
Pick and Place
Pick and place robot work cells are among the most popular material handling systems. They provide dependable solutions for production lines. Pick and place robot work cells perform tedious, repetitive tasks with ease, speed and accuracy.
The process of uploading products to the robotic pallet or the reverse process, the unloading with a pallet on the conveyor line, or load into a car Advantages: can be integrated into any mass production, at times increases the productivity of the enterprise, the high reliability of robots allows for a long time to forget about the reconstruction and replacement parts
For this type of work in 80% of cases it is advisable to use robots, used. Since the execution paletizatsionnogo process does not require the precision of a few hundredths millimeters. However, the payback period is reduced to one-year framework.

Packaging of finished goods
Widely used in businesses which produce food,
drinks, confectionery, consumer products, plastic products.
An incredibly high speeds (up to an acceleration 100mm/sek2) allow only one robot to replace the packing Czech workers. Along with the video control system is able to handle products of various shapes and perform quality control at the same time.

Working with the production benches
Shortening production cycle time
Decreases due to the possibility of placing benches detail wrong cracking unit.
The joint program for the control of complex robotic

Working with the bending press.
Ease of use
Thanks to technology arvutimodelleerimise paindekohad and operator enters the number of parts directly from your PC.
Work performance, high accuracy
Indispensable tool masstoomises

Details measurement

Allows for quality control at various stages of production without lowering the productivity
There will be contact-details of measurement
Continuous automated accounting and certification of each checked piece.

Entertainment Industry
Installation and operation with the minimum time
As the robot is freely programmable device
the programs (social programs) algorithms is not limited
The system can be both stationary and mobile.

Production preparation on
  assembly lines

This is one of the most widely use of the most common.
Almost all home appliances have been used in the preparation of equipment for robotized systems.
Practically, there are no mass-production process is used
which can not be use for robot manufacturing.
The major advantages: quality and speed of preparation, the continuity of the process, a continuous quality control.

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