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Our company OMD OÜ specializes in services and solution development in following areas of industrial automation:


  1.  Design and development of custom industrial machines.
  2.  Industrial equipment and production line modernization.
  3.  Robot systems
  4.  Used robots
  5.  Machine vision




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1. Design and development of custom industrial machines. Each machine is unique and satisfies special requirements of the exact product fabrication process. The main reason why our customers turn to us is because we are capable of mechanization and automation of such production operations that need special solutions. 
We are able to design standalone machines and find solutions for complete turn key production lines. Each machine we develop is passed through captious test and only after that, completely finished machine gets to the customer factory. 
We say: „the project is finished only when the customer places next order on the next machine”.



2. Industrial equipment and production line modernization. Refurbishment process includes replacement of the mechanical parts with modern technological elements. Old types of the motor drives are replaced with faster and more reliable servo drives or asynchronous motors with frequency converters. 
In many cases major part of the machine equipment is redesigned and rebuild. Old actuators, rail lines and gearboxes are replaced with new technologies as robot cylinders, linear motors, laser distance sensors, etc. Innovative control solutions allow fixing old weak spots of the machine. This implementation of the technological progress increase productivity and flexibility of the customer production. Such upgrade operation might cost less than a half of price of the new machine. Each machine installation includes warranty and on-site service.



3. In case of production process with wide variety of produced items or often changing production needs we offer solutions based on industrial robot systems. Our systems take advantage of experience of such world known robot producer as ABB
We not just resellers on the ABB manipulators. Our idea is to offer turn key solutions. Besides standalone systems we offer implementation of robots into existing lines and machines. In our projects we combine our experience in such areas as: safety systems (light curtains, mats, perimeter sensors, safety fencing), peripheral mechanics (assembly frames, transporters, pneumatic grippers, vacuum devices), machine vision, industrial sensors. 
We also have possibility to train operators and give basic knowledge to client’s programmers. This allows companies to adjust they fabrication to new production needs independently by own forces.




4. Besides new robots we offer retrofitted robots that were previously used at European factories. These systems are oriented on low-budget projects. Each offered used manipulator undergoes special service maintenance which includes replacement of worn-out mechanic and electronic parts and software reinstallation. Each robot receives a certificate and after-sales warranty service. 
Our company offers all kinds of maintenance service for devices within warranty period and after that. Our main advantage is geographic location. This minimizes risks associated with maintenance, repair or part replacement for local clients. 



5. Machine vision – efficient tool in boosting company productivity. Today’s solutions offer machine vision equipment in price range acceptable even for small-scale enterprise.

Capabilities of modern machine vision systems include:


   -Surface defect inspection (plastic, paper, metal, cloth);

   -Assembly verification, geometry measurement; 

   -Sorting of raw material and final product (by color, shape, geometry);

   -ID reading (barcodes, 2D codes, digit and character codes).

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