Pallet handling conveyors
In cooperation with our partner Antipoda, we offer standard and special solutions tailored to your production needs.

Our engineers design conveyor solutions that increase your production productivity and make it safer and more reliable.

· Roller and chain conveyors
· Transitional modules / trusses for pallets
· Turntables with rollers / 90 degree turn
· Automatic pallet stackers / destackers
· Pallet centraliser for robotic loading
· Pallet indexers
· Shuttles on rails between conveyors

Antipoda offers personalized approach

Alternative! If you have the competence and experience required to build conveyor systems, you can order all standard components from us.
All components and modules are made of high-quality materials and delivered in short delivery times.
Get in touch, and we'll discuss a solution for your needs
Antipoda range includes:
- Straight conveyor sections
- Curved conveyor sections
- Conveyor sections with reverse / outward rotation
- Multidirectional conveyor sections
- Reversible conveyor sections
- Conveyor merging sections (two or three conveyors merging into one)
- Conveyor junctions
- Belt and chain conveyor junctions
- Lifts with roller and chain conveyors
- Pallet guides – pushers, guide skids, stoppers, steered wheels, etc.
- Elevateable conveyors
- Automatic and semi-automatic pallet feeders
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