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Nipper: your smart assistant

Nipper is a compact Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) used for the unmanned transport of pallets.

Direct uses are in places where a hand-operated stacker or hand pallet truck is used for handling pallets – moving pallets with products on production lines, warehouses and transit stations.

This machine not only replaces the forklift and reduces the need for manpower but creates order and enhances accuracy in the storage and production environment.

Pallet positioning accuracy – 1 cm.


- highly accurate
- safe to use with humans
- lifting capacity 1,000 kg
- lifting height up to 223 mm
- maximum speed 1 m/s
- it can turn around on the spot thanks to its omniwheel.
- Wi-Fi connection with ERP or SMS
- room navigation without the need to install additional equipment
- easy to learn and user-friendly
- finds a charging station and charges automatically within 30 minutes
- integrated Bluebotics software, etc.

Meets the following safety directives, norms and standards:

Machine Directive 2006/42/EC
EMC-Directive 2014/30/EU

  • NEN-EN-ISO 12100:2010
  • NEN-EN-ISO 4413:2010
  • NEN-EN-ISO 13849-1:2016
  • NEN-EN-ISO 13850:2015
  • NEN-EN-IEC 60204-1:2006
  • NEN-EN 1525:1997
  • NEN-EN1175-1:1998+A1:2010en


Feeling interested and eager to get to know Nipper better, ask a question or try it out?

Check out our intro videos
Afterwards contact us and we'll be happy to provide you with:
- a consultation and remote demonstration,
- a meeting in real-time production, where Nipper is used on a daily basis, or
- Nipper rental, so you can test Nipper on your premises.

The very future we have just read about yesterday is here.

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