Welding Robots
Over the past decade, robotic welding has evolved far ahead of manual welding in terms of the quality, complexity and capabilities. Only novel technologies for robotic welding have been developed.
Such technologies include the following >>>

Robots of all the major brands already have these technologies in their arsenal.
Searching for a weld and shifting the robot program according to the positioning of the part.

This is done by finding the predetermined surfaces of the detail using tactile sensors or welded wire. It is also possible to locate the weld using optical or laser sensors.

For example, a signal has already been built into the Fronius welding equipment, and the position of the parts to be welded can be searched using a gas nozzle and welding wire.

The additional option Wiresense is a revolutionary helper for welding robots with CMT complexity. For the first time, it is possible to search for overlaps and gaps between the plates to be welded using a wire and to change the welding programme as they increase.


KUKA TouchSense

ABB SmarTac

Fanuc Touch sensing
Adjustment of the burner position based on real-time feedback from the welding bath – monitoring the weld.

While it often requires additional sensors, in robotic systems with Fronius welding equipment, the tracking signal is transmitted digitally to the robot and only the robot-side supporting software is needed.

KUKA Arc Sense

ABB Welding Guide

ABB welding robot video


Fanuc Through Arc Seam Tracking (TAST)
In those cases where the analysis of the welding parameters does not give satisfactory results to control the burner, the machine vision system (camera) is used in conjunction with a laser projector.

This technology is offered in Estonia by OMD partner ABICOR BINZEL


In Estonia, OMD has introduced a process with the first such machine vision system, whereby it is possible to search the room for non-contact details and automatically adjust the position of the burner during welding.

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