PalletIZING robotS

Precise and powerful loading system
Anything in the world that is mass-produced requires loading on pallets and packaging.
OMD OÜ has significant experience in this field by offering our customers best practices across all industries, from plastics manufacturing to food processing.

1. We choose the optimal and correct way to work with the product.
2. Having the best practices, we do the job quickly, efficiently and at the highest level.
3. We carry out projects of all sizes, from multiple lines to installation of a single robot.
4. We have solutions to suit every budget. In case of a small budget, we can assemble a station entirely from used equipment. In doing so, we build a solution that meets our customers' world-class requirements.

We are a local company with our technical base and a team of experts, experienced in programming, design, assembly and maintenance.

In our area, we work with a tech giant like DORNER: We also have a separate page for DORNER.

In addition, we use equipment from a number of proven suppliers to package related projects, such as:
printers, labelling machines, packaging machines, etc.
Moreover, palletising is one of the first processes to enter the state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 concept.
- Robots query the production MRP database for information on what needs to be produced, so the machines are automatically reconfigured for the specific product or task.

- A machine vision system inspects folded or packaged products. Both the product (its shape, colour, geometry) and the data (date of manufacture, series, etc.) printed thereof are checked.

- Pallets with packaged products are transported using autonomous mobile robots.

- Mobile robots are controlled by Stock Monitoring Software. Our website also has a separate page for mobile robots.
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